“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

-Albert Einstein

This quote really caught my attention because I felt it somewhat described my experience of education. Too often I feel teachers assign rather than educate. Some teachers teach the information to students so that they can repeat it back for a test, but then the students forget everything after the test is written. This is not educating students, this is teaching them to remember. When students are truly educated they can understand and apply the knowledge learned long after they leave school. This quote reflects my experiences in school because when I had a teacher that truly educated me, I understood what I learned and could apply it in real life. In past experiences when I did not have the most invested teacher, I forgot everything I “learned” in their class after I handed in my final. I believe I will remember this quote as I enter the world of teaching because I want my students to feel educated and knowledgeable after they leave my class and not feel like they were only taught to remember.

This quote makes teaching students to be lifelong learners possible because it reminds us that we need to teach and educate meaningfully rather than teach for a student to pass our class and move on without learning. This quote makes it impossible for teachers to neglect their responsibility to educate. When teachers see this quote, it should be a reminder for them to reflect upon their teaching.

This quote shows the responsibility of both the teacher and student. It is the teacher’s job to educate students to be life long learners and educate for a higher level of understanding than just memory. It is also the student’s job to be invested in their learning and want to learn and understand the material to apply to life after they are done school.

This quote relates to the three broad areas of learning in the curriculum. The three broad areas are: building lifelong learners, building engaged citizens, and building a sense of self and community. These broad areas of learning are how the lessons taught in schools are supposed to transform into life outside of school.