My schooling hasn’t really shaped me for the real world. My education was very one-sided. My elementary and high school were not diverse at all which just made me view people from one lens and it was often the lens that was reflective of my life and personality. I never thought about others’ struggles or differences because we were never encouraged to talk about it or learn it through school. Through my education in university I am learning that we often focus on the male, stale, and pale lens. Readings and philosophers we learn about are typically old white men who often shape education. Stories that are not typically taught need to be taught. We need to teach about the voices that are left unheard and the stories left untold.

The biases and lenses I bring to the classroom are that of white privilege. I need to acknowledge my privilege and understand that not everyone has life as easy as I do. I am hoping I do not teach these biases through my lessons and to my students. I want to educate students to the best of my ability and work against these biases so that my students don’t learn things through one lens.

In my own schooling the only truth whose mattered was the teacher’s. In order to receive good marks and not be scolded by the teacher, you had to agree with their opinions and biases even if you didn’t agree with it so you could excel. I will never be this teacher. I do not want to teach student’s with my bias and push my personal beliefs on students, they need to learn everything from different perspectives and lenses.